sorry guys i tripped
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<YES I DID IT > 2014. woodcut. 780mmx600mm

This work was on display :Youth Artists’ Exhibition in Hongik UNIV.


Postcards made with monoprint, stenciling, collagraph, relief etching, etching, linocut, and handwork.  Sent to friends and collectors.

Postcards made by Camilla Taylor.

If you’d like one, you can simply purchase a postcard here.

If you’ve ever purchased artwork from me, you can send me a picture of it and the room it’s displayed in, like these lovely people have. And I will send you a postcard as a thank you.

Or, let me know if you want to trade.


Merida by Shricka Finally. Completed. Hope you like it. Oh, that hair. It was difficult, but it became hot. And in the end I decided to remove the shadow from above. Looks that way better.
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Some of my newer pieces inspired vaguely by my interpretations of tarot cards. See something you like? Let me know! No two of these are the same. 


JFK - Before and After
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Canvas  by  andbamnan